​Policy and Trade Update - October 2015

Dear BABC Colleagues,

We are pleased to send you our third internal policy and trade bulletin, prepared to provide Chapters of the British-American Business Council (BABC) with an update on the Council’s policy and trade activities.

Please note that the next ‘Issue Insight’ edition will be published in November via our Secretariat in NY. Please let us know if there are any news or chapter updates you wish to be included in the next edition.

In this issue:

Key Updates and Action Points:

BAB LON and BABC PNW collaboration pilot

The final draft of the BABC policy and trade scoping paper has been shared with chapters following the last call. No further comments were made.

Business case studies on TTIP and EU Trade and Investment

An outline for BABC collaboration for a US wide report on the benefits of TTIP for small and medium-sized companies based on the UK edition has been shared. We look forward to your participation! If you would like to participate, please contact Mairi Maclennan at mmaclennan@babinc.org.

BABC at International Festival for Business 2016

As you know, BABC entered into a partnership with the upcoming International Festival for Business 2016 in Liverpool from June 13-July 1, 2016. Thanks to all those who have already indicated their support. The hard copies of the promotional material will be sent shortly.

BABC Policy Initiatives:

Open for Business- What a transatlantic trade and investment agreement means to the UK Automotive Sector’

BAB London in collaboration with BABC Midlands organise the fourth and last Open for Business’ event: ‘What a transatlantic trade and investment agreement means to the UK Automotive Sector’ this week. We are delighted that Chris Scott, Global Safety expert at Jaguar Land Rover and Rachel Eade MBE, Automotive Lead, Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)/Business Growth Service (BGS) joined the panel. To learn more about the event, click here.

Recent media coverage of the event:

Business Quarter Online Article: ‘Transatlantic deal to boost Midlands automotive sector’

Midlands Business News Article: ‘Transatlantic trade deal could boost region’s auto industry’

Recent media coverage from previous ‘Open for Business’ events:

Food & Drink matters (October 2015): The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: When will the US enjoy Melton Mowbray Pies?

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BABC statement on TTIP

The current draft of the BABC statement on TTIP is currently being updated. We plan to send it ahead of the next negotiation round which is likely to take place in December 2015 in Brussels.

Chapter Activities:

BAB London hosted informal breakfast discussion with Andrew Keller, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions

On 28 October 2015, the BAB Policy group hosted DAS Keller for an informal breakfast discussion on the Iran and Russia sanctions.

BAB London hosted informal breakfast discussion with Leigh Feldman, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Citi

On 20 October 2015, the BAB Policy group hosted Global Chief Privacy Officer at Citi, Leigh Feldman, to discuss the nexus between data privacy and information security, with special emphasis on the recent European Court of Justice’s decisions to render the ‘Safe Harbour’ Programme invalid.

BAB sent (Pork Pie) letter to Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman on TTIP

Ahead of the 11th TTIP negotiation round, we sent a letter to Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman, describing how a popular British pork pie can visualize the real need for a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement. To read the letter click here.

BAB New York hosted exclusive Cyber Security Roundtable: “Competition and Collaboration in the Face of Global Threats”

On 13 October 2015, BAB New York hosted a roundtable dinner for a discussion led by Bill Sweeney, Financial Services Evangelist at BAE Systems, Richard Jacobs, Head of NY Cyber Office, FBI and William Pitt, CMO, Beazley Group. The topics addressed included proactive best practices and solution-driven measures to address converging threats.

Is your chapter engaged in policy work? Then we want to hear from you! Send your news and updates on your initiatives to Mairi at mmaclennan@babinc.org 

Outreach and Media:

The Truth About TTIP

On 28 October 2015, BAB’s Head of Policy and Trade, Emanuel Adam, spoke at an event to mark the publication of the book ‘TTIP: The Truth About the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’, by Ferdi de Ville & Gabriel Siles-Brugge. The event was hosted by Geraint Davies MP in the House of Commons.

Open Letter on TTIP and the NHS

On 23 October 2015, BAB’s Head of Policy and Trade, Emanuel Adam, published an open letter on TTIP and the NHS. To read the full letter, follow us on @BABPolicy here.

BAB statement on European Commission’s new ‘Trade and Investment Strategy’

On 15 October 2015, BAB welcomed the new EC trade and investment strategy saying that it is a proactive response to the current debate on trade in Europe and it offers clarity on the EU’s trade and investment objectives. Moreover, it emphasises the importance of trade and investment for the EU and its member states; more than 30 million jobs already depend on exports outside the EU. To read the statement, click here.

BAB London informal meeting with US Congress delegation

On 12 October 2015, the BAB Policy Group met with a delegation of US Congress representatives in London to brief the delegation about UK business views on TTIP.

BAB statement on conclusion of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations

On 7 October 2015, BAB welcomed the conclusion of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, the largest regional trade agreement in history concluded by the US and 11 nations from the Asia Pacific Region. To read the statement, click here.

BAB statement on the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision to declare the European Commission’s (EC) US Safe Harbour Decision Invalid

On 6 October 2015, BAB expressed its concern about the potential disruption to business and the transatlantic economy by the European Court’s ruling on the Commission’s Safe Harbor Decision. To read the statement, click here.

News Updates:

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

11th Round of TTIP negotiations in Florida

The eleventh round of TTIP negotiations took place on 19-23 October 2015 in Miami, Florida. Topics discussed included market access, commonly agreed regulations and trade rules. For more information, click here.

European Single Market

Britain in Europe

The debate on the UK’s membership has taken up speed the UK as David Cameron announced to reveal his demands within weeks. This comes a week after the creation of a cross party ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign, rivalling with other Brexit UKIP back ‘Leave EU’ campaign. To oppose them, Lord Rose, chairman of the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ Group, will lead the pro EU campaign, backed by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major.

EU and UK need one another, Jean Claude Junker says

In an article in the Times, European Commission President Jean Claude Junker stated that “in key areas, we can achieve much more by acting collectively than we could each on our own”.

To re the full article click here.


UK Immigration

The Immigration Bill Committee has made a call for written evidence on the current Immigration Bill passing in the UK Parliament. The Bill is made up of 9 provisions aimed at immigration control. The Committee will stop receiving written evidence at the end of the Committee stage on Tuesday 17 November 2015. To find out more about the bill click here.

To submit written evidence to the Public Bill Committee click here.


On 6 October 2015, the ECJ ruling declared the EC’s Safe Habor decision invalid in the Max Schrems Case on data privacy. This ruling renders the fifteen year old transatlantic data protection mechanism invalid.

On 20 October 2015, US legislators passed the Judicial Redress Act yesterday that could grant foreigners the same rights to judicial redress as US citizens have if law enforcers violate their privacy. More info here.

On 26 October 2015, a new transatlantic data transfer pact was agreed in ‘principle’ between the EU and the US. According to According to European Commissioner Vera Jourova, this new pact would be in ‘one hundred percent’ accordance with the ECJ ruling invalidating the fifteen years old Safe Harbour data transfer mechanism. Full article available here.


UK Trade & Investment will be holding its next Export Week on 9-13 November 2015.

UK-US Trade Update 

Trade in goods (monthly)

Latest Available Figures: August 2015

US exports to UK = $4.50 billion / -0.8% decrease in US exports to the UK compared with July 2015

UK exports to US = $4.55 billion /-2.3% decrease in UK exports to the US compared with July 2015

For the annual US census bureau trade table, click here.

For the full ONS analysis for August 2015, click here.

This is an internal BABC update, provided by BritishAmerican Business London. For any questions regarding the update, please contact Mairi Maclennan, Project Manager, Policy&Trade, at mmaclennan@babinc.org. For general BABC inquiries, please contact Tamra Eker at teker@babinc.org.