J1 Visa

Our J-1 Visitor Exchange Program provides the opportunity for professionals from all over the world to immerse themselves in U.S. business culture and practices. Through this program, qualified interns or employees from participating companies will have the ability to learn and train under American business leadership while enhancing international business relations and commercial ties. For more information, please visit http://www.babc.org/j-1

Program FAQs

Why use the J-1 Visa?

  • Provide US work experience/training to employees and interns (potential employees) based elsewhere;
  • Broaden the national/cultural demographics of your staff;
  • Enhance employee recruitment/retention by offering US assignments;
  • Improve communication and understanding between US and overseas offices.

Advantages of using BABC’s J-1 Visa Program

  • Quick: can process completed applications within 5 business days.
  • Reliable: authorized by the US Department of State since 1986.
  • User-Friendly: all administration/logistics handled by BABC Program Administrator.
  • Quick: can process completed applications within 5 business days; 
  • Cost-Effective: $1,600; 

J-1 Visa Conditions

  • Open to all nationalities, and to employees based anywhere in the world;
  • Periods of up to 18 months for trainees and 12 months for interns;
  • Company must have business relationship with UK;
  • Business Sectors: Management, Business, Commerce, Finance, Law, Industry, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Information Media & Communications.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a Member Company Qualify for the Program?

The company needs to either be doing business between the US and the UK, through a parent or subsidiary company; or if the company does not have a presence in the UK through a parent or subsidiary relationship, the company must intend to establish a UK office, thereby justifying their need to bring a UK-based executive into the USA for training and work experience.
Site visits: The purpose of a site visit is for the Program Sponsor to ensure that the host organization possesses and maintains the ability and resources to provide structured and guided work-based learning experiences according to the individualized Trainee’s Placement Plan.
The site visit and screening is conducted by a designated BABC officer to satisfy the criteria from the US State Department. A site visit is required if the member company is applying to use the program for the first time.

How does an Executive Qualify for the Program?

  1. There are no age or nationality restrictions. However, non-British executives must either be a resident of the UK or already be employed by the applicant company.
  2. All trainees must be qualified to receive the training by virtue of their academic background and experience. Trainees must have either A) a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. and at least one year prior related work experience in his or her occupational field; or B) five years of work experience outside the U.S. in his or her occupational field.
  3. Executives must have the intention of continuing to do business with the member company upon completion of the training, by being employed by the member company in the UK or country of residence.

What happens after the BABC processes my application?

We will issue a DS 2019 (certificate of eligibility for a J-1 Trainee Visa) and send to the sponsor company to forward to the trainee. The trainee makes an appointment with their local US Embassy/Consulate to get approval on the visa. The embassy will then return the trainee’s passport to the trainee along with visa.

How long does it take to have the visa issued at the consulate?

There is no definite time, but allow at least 3 weeks to secure an interview and approval with the Embassy or Consulate.

How much does it cost to obtain the visa at the consulate?

These filing fees and instructions are subject to change and we recommend all trainees contact their local embassies and consulates for the latest information and instructions.

Must the trainee return to his or her home country in order to obtain the visa at the consulate?

We recommend that the trainee be in their home country to obtain the visa — to avoid delays and complications.

How would you define a training opportunity?

An opportunity through which the trainee would gain in-depth skills, knowledge and experience about US business practices that they could not get in their home country.

How long can I remain in the host country after the completion of my training?

Upon completion of the training, the trainee may stay up to 30 days as a visitor whereupon they must leave the country.

In some cases the trainee may be subject to the 2-year home residency requirement (usually developing countries that have skills shortages). Trainees may apply for a waiver to the 2-year home residency requirement.

Looking for more information?

For further information on the J1 Visa program please contact us