Brexit: A Bridge or a Break?
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Brexit: A Bridge or a Break?

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As we near the second week post-Brexit, we have been struck by how quickly our members have redirected their focus from the ever-changing political atmosphere in London and Brussels – and how the US business community and economy adapts and responds.

After the initial shock of events, the engagements we have had with you have progressively shifted gear, even though uncertainty is clearly an abiding factor as to how, when and even if Britain will leave the EU.

The prevailing mood now appears to be how businesses are moving on. This may include: triggering long established contingency plans; following through on future business and customer needs; and talent reconfigurations and challenges.  For example, this may mean the relocation of services to the EU for passporting purposes.

The exciting part of this whole situation is that business is forcing itself to look for a silver lining and new opportunities that Brexit can provide. In some cases, this is to meet predicted downsides or as a catalyst for innovative thinking.

There is no better platform to re-imagine business than the transatlantic economy. This starts with the US-UK relationship: $1.1 trillion in combined Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); $250 billion in trade and 1.2 million jobs linked to US investment in the UK. We know that this relationship is a vital source of strength and opportunity, and a point of stability in challenging times.

The BABC will continue to stand at the heart of that relationship by supporting our member companies and driving their growth and opportunities.